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About me:

My name is Troy, and I'm an actor and playwright currently based out of New York City. I am a full-time acting conservatory student with Atlantic Theater Company's Acting School 2.5 year program set to graduate in December of 2022. Growing up in the small town of Adams, Massachusetts, I started my theater career at The Williamstown Theater Festival as an Acting Apprentice in their 2016 Summer Season. Moving to NYC after that Summer, I have continued to grow into the theater community developing relationships with artists who focus on cross-cultural narratives, multi-lingual storytelling, and social discussions that wouldn't have been made otherwise. As a playwright, I'm inspired by community and the ways it affects the individual, as well as how the individual can be supported and healed through community. I take an interest in writing about technology, artificial intelligence, mass-surveillance, immigration, language education, mental illness, nationalism, racism, and privilege. To learn more about the work that I write, please check out my plays page.

In January of 2019, Yue Liu and I had created New York Theater Salon, a monthly discussion series that showcases the diverse and unique stories of working professionals in the theater industry. It was our hope to create a community of artists where they could share their perspectives of working on their craft, and have their voices heard. Through the continued success and developments of this series we want to further foster an inclusive community that highlight both the shared and specific experiences of being a working-class actor, director, playwright, and producer in our current social climate. We know it will only continue to inspire and encourage a forum for collaboration between panelists and audience alike. Hope you can join us at our next panel.  

New York Theatre Salon
2010 - present
2010 - present
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