Completed Works:

Connected is a sci-fi drama in two acts. Are you afraid of what capitalism and your digital privacy can eventually turn into?  Max, Chen, and Jules are all Columbia grad students who learn about Google's new robot. As the group is finishing and presenting their own thesis work, a debate of ethics and a call to defend privacy arises around their scary revelation.

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Characters on a Subway is a one-act comedy that seats you on the opposite bench of some interesting New York City subway scenes. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll say, "what the f*** is happening?"

Work In Development:

Tommy, a second generation Latino is facing depression after not being able to get the dream job he went to college for. His girlfriend, Suzie encourages the best for him, but with a racist job market and the legacy of his family, Tommy has more than his own fears to overcome.

Set in a small town in Western Massachusetts, most students in Valley High are taking Spanish class just to graduate. Others like Jessica are passionate about learning in hopes to connect to the world outside their small and homogenous community. When the class gets a new student from Nicaragua, a proposal is also made that the class is going to be cut for lack of importance.  Sides are taken, and true colors will be shown.

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